The Little Book That Could...

I'm pretty excited with the influx of LOVE for TEETER TOPPLE lately- anyone that picked up the book from your favorite comic book store is an AMAZING individual and I can't thank you enough! If you haven't gotten it yet, it's STILL AVAILABLE through Diamond (Order code: FEB172030 or THIS LINK) or just get it from MIDTOWN COMICS in NYC HERE.

There's been some really cool press too from my friends at NEWSARAMA (who gave TEETER TOPPLE a 9/10!) as well as a juicy interview with my pals at Eleven O'Clock Comics!

I'll be at BALTIMORE COMIC CON in a month or so, and more importantly SO WILL THE RINGO! AWARDS, an industry awards hooplah that means more to me as it's based on FANS, READERS & CREATORS (or "the reason we even bother to make stuff"). If you were one of the few that picked up TEETER TOPPLE, consider taking a moment to vote for the book and yours truly and push the little book that could a bit further out there. Vote HERE!

Promoting a book always seems to be the toughest part of putting something out there- especially in the realm of indie/boutique press. Sometimes it's an uphill, or even FUTILE battle to get yourself seen in such a niche market- so know that everyone that's taken a chance on TEETER TOPPLE or reached out to say how much you enjoyed it, you're the reason I do this.

I've got more stuff on the way- so enjoy the ride and STAY TUNED!