Monsters ARE real

Hot off the heels of TEETER TOPPLE, I've been keeping busy outside of movie stuff with my other projects, including EVERMORE FALLS. Which I haven't been able to keep quiet about.  Here's some fun bits that've been floating around the studio as I finish laying the book out and prepping to dive in head first into drawing the sucker.

The Little Book That Could...

I'm pretty excited with the influx of LOVE for TEETER TOPPLE lately- anyone that picked up the book from your favorite comic book store is an AMAZING individual and I can't thank you enough! If you haven't gotten it yet, it's STILL AVAILABLE through Diamond (Order code: FEB172030 or THIS LINK) or just get it from MIDTOWN COMICS in NYC HERE.

There's been some really cool press too from my friends at NEWSARAMA (who gave TEETER TOPPLE a 9/10!) as well as a juicy interview with my pals at Eleven O'Clock Comics!

I'll be at BALTIMORE COMIC CON in a month or so, and more importantly SO WILL THE RINGO! AWARDS, an industry awards hooplah that means more to me as it's based on FANS, READERS & CREATORS (or "the reason we even bother to make stuff"). If you were one of the few that picked up TEETER TOPPLE, consider taking a moment to vote for the book and yours truly and push the little book that could a bit further out there. Vote HERE!

Promoting a book always seems to be the toughest part of putting something out there- especially in the realm of indie/boutique press. Sometimes it's an uphill, or even FUTILE battle to get yourself seen in such a niche market- so know that everyone that's taken a chance on TEETER TOPPLE or reached out to say how much you enjoyed it, you're the reason I do this.

I've got more stuff on the way- so enjoy the ride and STAY TUNED!


Finally back from Charlotte, NC and Team Slight had an absolute BLAST! We met some truly amazing people, reunited with the extended Kubert School fam, and had the single-best convention experience of my life. Thank you to all the wonderful organizers at Heroes Aren't Hard To Find and the convention center and YOU the peeps that swung by!


My Favorite Monsters...

Halloween is the bee's knees and that's coming from a dude that lives almost any given week like Halloween.  But more importantly, October means it's the annual festivity for (most) cartoonists to unleash the beast known as INKTOBER. With the annual onslaught in the rear view, here's a smattering of the splattering- a handful of my favorite cinematic terrors.
If you dig one of 'em, head on over to my WEBSTORE to score it- get it while the gettin's good.